cheat «cheet», verb, noun.
to play or do business in a way that is not honest; practice deceit; act fraudulently: »

He always cheats at cards if he can get away with it.

1. to deceive or trick; swindle; defraud (of or out of): »

The peddler cheated the woman out of ten cents.

SYNONYM(S): hoodwink.
2. to beguile (boredom, etc.); pass (the time): »

the timeless rhyme, with which the warder cheats the time (Scott).

1. a person who is not honest and who does things to deceive or trick others; swindler: »

The sly storekeeper was a cheat who added weight to all the vegetables and meat he sold. Corinth…was a city of extortioners and cheats (Frederic Farrar).

SYNONYM(S): deceiver, impostor.
2. a fraud; trick or deception. SYNONYM(S): swindle, hoax.
3. Law. the obtaining of property from another by deliberate deceit or fraudulent means.
4. a coarse grass or weed; chess.
5. a card game in which the players try to cheat without being discovered but detect the cheating of the other players.
[variant of escheat]
cheat´a|ble, adjective.
cheat´er, noun.
Synonym Study intransitive verb, transitive verb.1, 2 Cheat, trick mean to gain or seek to gain advantage by underhanded means. Cheat means to do something dishonest or use misrepresentation: »

He cheated me by shortchanging me. He cheated to pass the test.

Trick emphasizes using a misleading device to deceive and indirectly get what one wants: »

The FBI used fake plans to trick the spy.

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